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About me

Introducing Dr Jorg Prinz, the Founder of Energy Health Clinic in Opotiki on the Bay of Plenty. He holds a PhD in Medicine and is a registered doctor in Germany. He left conventional medicine in New Zealand when he realised the power of naturopathy when combined with the latest in pain relief technology from energy medicine as bio-electro-modulation (SCENAR), bio-photo-modulation (Low Level Laser Therapy) and Energy Psychology (EFT, NLP, TLT).


My vision is to be an innovative leader in the advancement of Naturopathic Medicine and provide Integrated and Complementary Health Care to New Zealand.


My mission is enhancing human health and wellness by advancing modern, non-invasive technologies into the profession of naturopathic and conventional medicine.

If you are suffering from pain and/or the effects of a chronic health condition and nothing has helped, come and visit me at the Energy Health Clinic for a consultation.

Jörg Prinz​
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I treat a person as an individual and a whole person: this means I don’t separate the physical body from the mental, spiritual, or emotional bodies.

Jörg Prinz
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Today Jorg works as Naturopath & Life Coach. He is specialised in Energy Medicine and treats physical and emotional pain without using medication, just bio-physical and energy-psychological modalities. He says: “If surgeons are the ‘body mechanics’ I am the ‘body electrician’.”

He offers methods which complement conventional medicine.

He shows his patients how their bodies can be free of physical and emotional pain without medication. When they can see improvements in their condition without using more medication they realise that their bodies can ‘heal’. He also shows his patients which lifestyle changes are necessary to return to health and stay healthy.

He offers methods which complement patient’s efforts to heal. 

When it comes to chronic pain and chronic illness the healing may need more than just a pill which is often ignored by conventional medicine. Strong pain killers and operations are sometimes not enough. Healing needs analysis, adaptation and changes to the patient’s lifestyle as well as a good relationship with the therapist. All this takes time!

Jörg Prinz

Founder of Energy Health Clinic Kapiti Coast

My Core Values

I strive to help people reach a healthy state of balance

To provide patients with naturopathic primary and complementary health care.


To provide evidence-based health care to my patients.


To educate my patients how to achieve wellness of Body, Mind and Spirit.


To provide ongoing health care education in training experienced health care practitioners and naturopathic medical students in the use of modern technologies.

My Timeline

From Medical School to Energy Medicine

The Beginning

My interest in medicine started when as 15 year old I read a book about the human brain. 
I joined the German and American Red Cross and became one of the youngest trainers in First Aid.  

Alternative Medicine

During studying medicine, I was introduced to what was then coined ‘alternative medicine’: I learned acupuncture and electro-acupuncture (acc. to Voll). My teachers at Justus-Liebig-University seemed to be very progressive during the 1980s.

Medical Experience

I worked as a registrar in urology, trauma surgery and as a general practitioner in Germany. I also gained experience in New Zealand in internal medicine, pediatrics and psychiatry.

My PhD

After 3 years of clinical research I wrote my PhD thesis about the immune therapy of Prostrate Cancer (Prof. Dr. C.F. Rothauge)


In 1990 I immigrated to New Zealand with my young family and worked at Whakatane Hospital.

In the mid 1990 I took a break from medicine and ran a tourism company for a few years until 2001 – and dabbled a bit in dry stock farming.

Energy Medicine

While working in conventional medicine I learned the value of modern medicine for acute onset illnesses and accidents. I also realised that chronic conditions could only be ‘managed’ by the current medicine model rather than healed or prevented.

Energy Health Clinic

In 2004 I opened my practice as a naturopath. Many of my former patients had lots of questions about their condition which were unanswered by their doctors. And their symptoms did not improve.
I could help most of them to gain better health. 

Naturopath Training

Natural Healthcare – Herbal Education Resource Centre

NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner – Transformations International 

Life Coach – ICI

Time Line Practitioner – Transformations International 

Certified NES Practitioner – NES Health

Trauma Buster Technique  – TBT NZ

Rapid Depression Treatment – Shinnick

RITM SCENAR training Level 1-3, Sport Injuries, Woman’s Health & Cosmetology – RITM Australia

Low Level Laser Therapy  – THOR Photomedicine UK

RITM SCENAR Trainer certificate – RITM OKB & RITM SCENAR Institute Australia

Author of SCENAR Training materials used worldwide

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  1. Free 15 minute consultation, face to face or over the phone.
  2. First consultation of 1.5 hours for NZ$150 (or less if less time is used)
  3. Any consultation (talk) by phone, zoom or face to face for 1 hour for NZ$100
  4. Home visit in the Opotiki-Whakatane area for 1 hour (NZ$100) plus NZ$20 travel
  5. Energy scan either face to face or through a zoom meeting
  6. Pain therapy follow up – 30 to 60 minutes for NZ$60 to NZ$100
  7. Consultation to deal with emotional issues – 60 minutes for NZ$100
  8. Beauty therapy for 1.5 hours for NZ$175

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