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Introducing Jörg Prinz

Jorg is the Founder of Energy Health Clinic in Opotiki on the Bay of Plenty. He holds the German equivalent to a PhD in Medicine and is a registered doctor in Germany. He left conventional medicine in New Zealand when he realised the power of modern naturopathy when combined with the latest in energy-medicine and energy-psychology.

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Complements Conventional Medicine

The activation of energies helps prescription medication to be more effective

Jorg Prinz Energy Health Clinic

Jörg Prinz
Founder | Energy Health Clinic Opotiki, Bay of Plenty
Naturopath (New Zealand)
Doctor of Medicine (Germany)
SCENAR Trainer

Coalition Partner with World Council for Health
Member of the People's Health Alliance

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What is Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology?

Learn how it could help you or your loved ones

A naturopath usually works with homeopathy, herbs, organic food, and other natural ingredients to prevent disease and improve health.

At my practice I ALSO offer physical therapies for health recovery: I focus on the bio-physical energies that regulate the body. Therefore, I use tools designed by medical doctors for medical doctors – the medical profession just hasn’t incorporated the use of these devices into their treatment protocols – yet. 

The bio-physical tools for pain relief and health recovery are:

  • Mild and comfortable electrical stimulation of the skin nerves with a SCENAR device (quite different from a TENS device!)
  • Cell stimulation with bundled light via Low Level Laser Therapy (also called Photo-Bio-Modulation)
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies (PEMF)

As mood and emotions play a large role in the perception of pain as well as in the root cause for chronic diseases, I also offer methods from:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Time-Line-Therapy (TLT)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

These ‘energy-psychology methods’ help to overcome negative thoughts and emotions, thereby reducing pain levels. 

I use tools designed by medical doctors for medical doctors – the medical profession just hasn’t incorporated the use of these devices into their treatment protocols - yet.

Jörg Prinz
energy medicine

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT, NLP & TLT are highly effective treatments for Emotional & Psychological issues

I treat a person as an individual and a whole person: this means I don’t separate the physical body from the mental, spiritual, or emotional bodies.

Jörg Prinz
NES Energy Scan
NES Chakra Energy Scan 4
NES Scan results showing energy fields and the 7 Chakras

All patients receive an NES energy scan. This scan gives information about the electro-magnetic field generated by the human body. Distortions in this field lead to physical and emotional symptoms. We can restore single functions of the human body field by using energised colloidal minerals – in principle these are homeopathic remedies. The scan helps me to determine a starting point for therapy. The scan, however, does not ‘spit out a diagnosis’ – it just checks for where in the body too much or too little energy is used, and which might be the root cause of a patient’s symptoms. 

The scan can be done in clinic using a scanner where a client puts their hand on. Further development in NES technology now allows to do the scan by voice analysis over the internet. That is revolutionary and makes it possible to do a scan without meeting face to face.

Whatever method I use, I treat a person as an individual and a whole person: this means I don’t separate the physical body from the mental, spiritual, or emotional bodies. I offer holistic approaches to a patient, their conditions, and their environments. That also means that what worked for one person may not work for the next. 

While it can be easy to treat the symptoms of a disease (the inflammation and the pain), I aim to find and treat the root cause of a condition. This can sometimes mean slower improvement in symptoms, but you can find peace in the fact that the treatments I offer are not just a “band aid” or a “quick-fix” to your problem.

I promote holistic health and wellness by empowering a patient with the tools to maintain physical and emotional health outside of the visit and understand the body moving forward.

Jörg Prinz

Founder of Energy Health Clinic | Opotiki, Bay of Plenty

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for Pain & Inflamation

Highly Effective & SAFELY used in over 70 Hospitals & Clinics around the WORLD

Success Stories

Ready the positive outcomes our clients have experienced
I have been to Jorg Prinz with the pain that I had in my hip. 4-5 sessions, man, it made a big difference. I can walk a whole lot easier. I would highly recommend Dr. Prinz to anybody. It has been a big, big help to me.
I saw Jorg Prinz with high blood pressure, muscle pain and high stress. I tried numerous medications before and Jorg helped me out in no time. In a couple of weeks I am so much better, I never look back.
Sometimes in your life a person helps you connect to, and understand the very core of a long-time issue that you thought you knew all about. Jorg used his professional knowledge and his specialist tools and therapy to help me unravel a complex and pressured stake at the centre of my life. I now have a clarity that allows me pivot in my life with 'me' at my own centre. I am extremely pleased I was able to get his help.
Ashley Bryers
I have a significant shoulder injury, with a fracture and soft tissue injuries. After referral to an Orthopedic Surgeon, the surgeon deems it necessary for me to have a partial shoulder replacement. He gave me 10 weeks to see if my shoulder movement and pain improves.
I started regular treatments with Dr Jorg Prinz with Scenar and Laser. I immediately felt a long-lasting relief of pain and stiffness in my shoulder and I didn't need any pain medication. I also have significant less pain during my physio exercises. All these resulted in big improvements in my shoulder movements and strength within a very short time. My physiotherapist is amazed at my fast progress. I now feel positive that I can avoid the shoulder replacement.
Dr Jorg Prinz is thorough in his approach and very knowledgeable and I know I'm in capable hands. Thank you!
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SCENAR is the result of merging Technology & Medicine

FAST and EFFECTIVE relief from pain that lasts and IMPROVES with time

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